Thursday, July 31, 2014

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Our Mission

The mission of the Toedtman School of Music is to provide an environment of cultural diversity to enrich the lives of our family of students through musical growth, development, and appreciation.

The Toedtman School of Music setting provides a structured, professional, and dignified atmosphere which conveys the importance and discipline of music in the growth of every individual regardless of one’s age.

Our body of students range in age from 2 to 80 years of age. We have collectively many different countries of origin represented in our pupils, including Belgium, Brazil, China, El Salvador, France, Germany, Ghana, Guatemala, Guyana, Holland, India, Iran, Japan, Korea, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Puerto Rico, Russia, Serbia, Sweden, Vietnam, and Venezuela, all coming together for one common purpose, MUSIC.

Music is this universal language that unites us as people in spite of our cultural, racial, or religious differences.

Music and Voice Lessons in CincinnatiMusic is not a privilege; it is a necessity to the human spirit. With the advent of electronics, our society has become one of passive and not active participation. It is imperative that we retain the human element by continuing to train and educate our present and future generations musically. There is much research data available concerning the educational, psychological, and physical benefits of active participation in making music.

The purpose of the Toedtman School of Music is to continue providing the highest quality of teaching to the more than 500 students attending weekly private lessons.

Our goal is to expand our presence in the community by creating cultural activities and group activities, to be more inclusive and responsive to our ever expanding neighborhoods with concerts, workshops, music and theater camps, and activities celebrating our international diversity.

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Students Success

Over the last thirty-four years the Toedtman School of Music has trained many hundreds of people, of all ages to enjoy music.  Many have used their skills as a hobby and past time activity.  Some have gone on to notable careers in music.

Most prominent of these has been concert pianist Nicholas Angelich who as a child studied piano with John Toedtman for three years before entering the Paris Conservatory at the age of thirteen and is now according to music critic, Janelle Gelfand, "one of the greatest living pianists in the world." 

A good many alumni of Toedtman School of Music have become school music teachers, private music teachers or performers of classical, pop, rock, jazz and county music. 

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