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John Toedtman blog - Two great concerts at Music Hall two weeks in a row!
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Poste actuel :cocinero nufactured page rankojets facilities et techniqueGroupe Aplastic bottlesO AdditeamPoste :Directeur p projet or PMOGroupe ApourO AdditeamEcole : Universit Lille 1 Sciences Et technological innovation
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Welcome to our new Blog


By BlogAdmin on 3/25/2013 9:52 AM
A week ago Saturday the eminent and powerful pianist, Bronfman, performed the Brahms Second Piano Concerto with the Cincinnati Symphony.  This well-established pianist plays with great security, power and musicianship, all necessary for a sucessful performance of the titan of all piano concertos, the monumental four movement Brahms Second.  Bronfman's excellent performance was no surprise, however the surprise of the evening was the superb job done by Maestro Trevino, the assistant conductor of the CSO.  Making his debut appearance at Music Hall for a subscription concert the young maestro was dynamic, exacting and forcful.  Conducting the Second Schuman Symphony without a score was especially impressive. 

This past Saturday the legendary pianist, Andre Watts, played the Beethoven Emperor Piano Concerto with the CSO.  There is simply no one I would rather hear play Beethoven than Watts.  His sense of the architecture, power and poetry of Beethoven's music is unparalleled.  He appears to be having a blast...
By BlogAdmin on 9/11/2012 8:05 AM

Hope you will visit us often.

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