Friday, July 25, 2014

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Guitar (Electric and Acoustical)

Guitar Lessons from Toedtman School of Music

Although playing the guitar may seem simple to the novice, in order to play this instrument well a certain amount of proper technique must be mastered.  A really great teacher who commands a depth of knowledge about the guitar and also most importantly about music theory and note reading can best guide the student toward playing the guitar with ease and joy. 

Our guitar teachers are all conservatory trained and experienced.   These guitar teachers can help any student from beginning to advanced to improve their skills and musicianship and also provide guidance toward playing in groups and becoming professional.  Come in for a free introductory lesson to experience the best guitar instruction in Cincinnati.

We offer instruction on electric and acoustical. 

 If you want to learn to play guitar there is no better place to learn!


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Piona Lessons in Cincinnati

Guitar Instructors

We offer lessons from accomplished Guitar player and instructors.  Our instructors have experience with Electric, Acoustic and Bass Guitar in various genres of Music from Classical to Rock. Learn about our guitar teachers:

Brian Armor

Jeremy Collins

Steve Irwin

John C. Toedtman

Bob Ross

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