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Playing the piano is an incredible mental and physical exercise which has been shown to increase a child's IQ and also enrich his or her soul.  Since playing the piano uses the eyes, fingers, ears and even the feet all at the same time and requires one to use one's right and left hands in different ways at the same time it is a great way to develop coordination.

Piano Lessons in CincinnatiChildren also learn many life lessons such as effective ways to study and solve problems and certainly a sense of self-discipline and accomplishment resulting from practice time invested in the instrument.  The study habits and lessons learned at the keyboard transfer later in life to all other academic and intellectual pursuits.  More particularly, the experience of creating beautiful music at the piano is satisfying to the soul.  Whether the child is playing Bach, Beethoven, rock or jazz, the creative joy is well worth the effort involved.

A really great teacher facilitates this learning process and makes sure that the music making is rewarding and not frustrating.  Adult students, both beginning and advanced tell us that the time spent at the piano is a welcome diversion from the concerns of work and life in general.  In other words, it is cheap therapy. 

Our piano teachers are all dedicated to helping each student achieve their potential at the piano and experience the joy of personal music making. Whether you are interested in developing a hobby or following a professional career in music our teachers are fully capable of helping you achieve your goals. Come in for a free introductory lesson.

Students Success

Over the last thirty-four years the Toedtman School of Music has trained many hundreds of people, of all ages to enjoy music.  Many have used their skills as a hobby and past time activity.  Some have gone on to notable careers in music.

Most prominent of these has been concert pianist Nicholas Angelich who as a child studied piano with John Toedtman for three years before entering the Paris Conservatory at the age of thirteen and is now according to music critic, Janelle Gelfand, "one of the greatest living pianists in the world." 

A good many alumni of Toedtman School of Music have become school music teachers, private music teachers or performers of classical, pop, rock, jazz and county music. 



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Piona Lessons in Cincinnati

Piano Instructors

Our piano instructors are of the highest quality possible and have proven to be able to work with students of all levels.  We invite you to review their creditials by clicking on their names below.

Brad Caldwell

Luba Federov

Ken Gottlieb

Dr. Andrew Peter Millar

John K. Toedtman

Cathy Carson

Live Music for Your Event

Live music enhances any event.

Call us at 513-772-7900 to schedule an accomplished pianist for your upcoming event. We play at corporate events, weddings, dinner parties, many other occasions. We can service your need no matter which genre of music you would prefer. 


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